On February 1, CombiGene hosted a one-day conference within the GeneNova project

One of the most exciting projects that CombiGene is involved in, and which is led by Johan Rockberg, at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

Peter Ekolind, CombiGene’s new COO, started the day by giving an overview of CombiGene. The morning then continued with presentations. CombiGene’s manufacturing partner Viralgen described various challenges in the production of AAV vectors. This was followed by a deep dive into CombiGene’s operations with reviews by Karin Agerman (Chief Scientific Officer), Annika Ericsson (Director Preclinical Development) and Martin Linhult (Director CMC). The afternoon was devoted to reviews of GeneNova’s exciting projects, how they are developing and what the goals are for the future. 

GeneNova is a five-year interdisciplinary collaboration to develop adeno-associated virus-based gene therapies (AAV), funded by academia and industry and hosted by KTH.

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