46th Adipose Tissue Discussion Group held in Edinburgh on the 23rd and 24th March 2023

Last week, the “46th Adipose Tissue Discussion Group” conference was held in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. Adipose tissue has several different functions, where perhaps the most important is to store fat but it also secretes hormones needed to regulate the body’s nutrient intake.

There are several different diseases that affect the body’s adipose tissue, including partial lipodystrophy – a disease that CombiGene works with. The conference in Scotland was thereby an excellent opportunity for us to take part in the latest research and to discuss the lipodystrophy project CGT2.

CombiGene was represented by Annika Ericsson, Director Preclinical Development and Alvar Grönberg, Senior Program Director. During the conference, Annika and Alvar met our partner Professor Ormond MacDougald and his team with Rebecca Lynn Schill and Jessica Maung at the University of Michigan Medical School who are currently conducting important studies within the CGT2 project.

Among the conference highlights was Jessica Maung’s presentation of data from the experimental model that CombiGene uses in the development CGT2. The presentation, entitled “Mechanisms of adipocyte loss in mouse models of familial partial lipodystrophy 2“, won the award for the conference’s best presentation by an Early Career Researcher.

In the picture from left to right: Rebecca Lynn Schill, Ormond MacDougald, Annika Ericsson, Alvar Grönberg and Jessica Maung.