A key element of CombiGene’s strategy is to protect its intellectual property rights with strong patents. CombiGene strives to maximize protection for its innovations by obtaining patent protection in all key global markets, including the US and Europe.

Active patent strategy

As a rule, CombiGene works within the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) framework. PCT is an international agreement that allows companies to seek patent protection internationally for their inventions, covering approximately 150 countries with one single application.

CombiGene currently holds patents in two families for the epilepsy project CG01. The first family covers approximately ten countries, and within the second family, CombiGene has applied for patent protection in approximately ten countries, and has so far been granted patent protection in four countries, the U.S., Russia, Australia and India.

CombiGene has filed a PCT application for the lipodystrophy project CGT2, subsequent to an initial priority patent application made to the UK Patent Office. Additionally, national filings have been submitted in both the USA and the EU as well.