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We are eager to find more gene therapy assets for in-licensing!

CombiGene is an internationally recognized gene therapy company with solid experience and know-how. We have the expertise to bring a gene therapy asset through the preclinical phase, and we know how to interact with Big Pharma.

If you have a project/technology that you believe would fit with our approach and would like to learn more about our in-licensing efforts, please contact us. 

Since 2019, we are running one project for the rare disease partial lipodystrophy, and in January 2023, we entered into a collaboration agreement with the Danish company, Zyneyro, to jointly develop their program for chronic pain, a disease which causes enormous suffering and puts a huge financial burden on society.

As a company, CombiGene is committed to partnering with academic institutions, as well as biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, to in-license and/or collaboratively develop promising therapies in severe life-altering diseases.

Our licensing and partnering efforts focus on innovative approaches, primarily on AAV-based projects where we have profound knowledge in key areas. At the same time, we do not close any doors to interesting opportunities in other areas of technology.

Our primary therapeutic focus lies within diseases related to the central nervous system and metabolic diseases, where we have established solid knowledge and experience. We are, however, not a company that closes doors, and we are open to other indications as well. Our main focus is to do what we can to improve the lives of people!