Outcome of exercise of warrants in CombiGene

CombiGene AB (publ) (“CombiGene” or “the Company”) today announces the outcome of the exercise period of warrants of series 2018/2019 that was issued in conjunction with the Company’s preferential rights issue of units in September 2018. The exercise period ended September 30, 2019 and a total of 7,060 warrants were exercised for subscription of 7,060 shares at the subscription price of SEK 2.00 per share. By the exercise of warrants, CombiGene is supplied with approximately TSEK 14 before issue costs.

The exercise will increase the number of shares and votes in CombiGene by 7,060 shares from 63,723,836 to 63,730,896 shares and the share capital will increase with SEK 706.00 from SEK 6,372,383.60 to SEK 6,373,089.60, prior to registration of the directed issue to Lipigon Pharmaceuticals which the Company previously has published information about.