Major shareholders and management demonstrate their faith in CombiGene by participating in the warrants of series TO4 and TO5

November 16 to November 30, 2020, is the subscription period for CombiGene’s warrants in series TO4 and TO5. Both major shareholders and board members and former board members have informed the company that they intend to subscribe for shares in CombiGene.

Participation in series TO4
CombiGene’s largest owner Ivar Nordqvist has announced his intention to exercise his series TO4 warrants. Peter Nilsson (board member of CombiGene), Arne Ferstad (former Chairman of the Board) and Jan Nilsson (CEO and board member of CombiGene) have all informed the company that they intend to exercise all of their warrants.

Participation in series TO5
Series TO5 was created in connection with the directed issue to NYIP (Nyenburgh Holding BV) carried out in August 2020. TO5 has the same terms and conditions as the series TO4 warrants. NYIP, a leading Dutch life-science investor, has informed CombiGene of its intention to fully subscribe for the TO5 series.

“It is very gratifying that major shareholders such as Ivar Nordqvist and NYIP have informed us that they intend to participate in subscription series TO4 and TO5 respectively. It means a lot financially and creates additional energy in the company. Similarly, it is very encouraging that Peter Nilsson of CombiGene’s Board of Directors and CombiGene’s former Chairman Arne Ferstad are also participating in the TO4 series,” says CombiGene CEO Jan Nilsson in a comment.