Interim report January – March 2023 for CombiGene AB (publ)

January – March 2023
• Net sales: TSEK 2,168 (11,403).
• Other operating revenues: TSEK 0 (2,801).
• Profit from financial items: TSEK -14,617 (2,684).
• Earnings per share: SEK -0.74 (0.14).
• Cash and cash equivalents: TSEK 120,506 (121,665).

Events during the period
• CombiGene entered into a collaboration agreement with the Danish company Zyneyro for the development of a unique concept for effective relief of chronic pain. The agreement with Zyneyro is a cooperation agreement that means that Zyneyro and CombiGene share the project’s costs and revenues equally. According to the agreement CombiGene has paid Zyneyro an upfront of DKK 5 million in connection with the signing of the agreement. CombiGene has furthermore committed to pay an additional maximum of DKK 11.4 million in continued development support towards a clinical study in Phase 1.
• Doctoral dissertation at the University of Copenhagen confirms the pain-relieving effect of COZY01 and COZY02 in experimental models.

Events after the end of the period
• Gene Therapy, one of Nature’s journals, publishes an article about CombiGene’s epilepsy project authored by Esbjörn Melin, researcher at CombiGene.