Interim report January – March 2021 for CombiGene AB (publ)

Period January – March 2021
• Net sales: 0 (0) TSEK.
• Other operating revenues: 5 118 (4 058) TSEK.
• Profit from financial items: -10 856 (-7 583) TSEK.
• Earnings per share: -0.05 (-0.12) SEK.
• Liquidity as per the end of the reporting period: 34 091 (9 545) TSEK.
• Equity ratio as per the end of the reporting period: 87.87 (32.97)%.

Events during the period
• CombiGene’s Board of Directors resolves on a fully guaranteed rights issue of approximately SEK 75 million.
• Response from the Swedish and UK pharmaceutical authorities confirms CombiGene’s plan for CG01’s final preclinical studies.
• The material from the first large-scale production of CG01 is released for use in the final parts of the preclinical program.
• The CG01 project initiates preclinical biodistribution and toxicology studies.
• CombiGene’s lipodystrophy project is awarded EUR 882,500 in development grants by the EU Eurostars program.

Events after the end of the period
• CombiGene completes the fully guaranteed rights issue, and the company receives approximately SEK 75 million.
• Notice to attend the Annual General Meeting of CombiGene AB.