Gene vectors delivered

A number of gene vectors were delivered to CombiGene Nov 4th from Auckland-based GeneDetect®. The gene vectors will now be subject to a series of ex vivo and in vivo studies taking place on behalf of CombiGene at Lund University and University of Copenhagen, with the aim of selecting a candidate vector for further development into a human therapy against epilepsy.

The delivery had originally been planned for late August, but in a dialogue with GeneDetect it was decided by CombiGene in June to extend it to a larger number of vectors, and to let GeneDetect perform additional functionality testing, all of which postponed delivery by about two months. The total cost for CombiGene was about 1 MSEK. Scientists on both sides of the Öresund have been on standby waiting for the delivery, and will now begin screening the vectors with a number of ex vivo and in vivo models. Studies in patients are however not due until late 2017 or 2018, and will require a GMP manufactured vector and also larger quantities than the current shipment.

“It’s not just a high number of vectors”, says CombiGene cofounder David Woldbye. “They also represent unique DNA sequences, never before being manufactured or tested, neither in academia nor industry.” CombiGene’s CEO Bengt Westrin adds, “The larger number was quite an investment for us, but I’m convinced we took the right decision. By testing a large number of vectors we will not just optimize our chance to find the best. We will also have a much stronger case when presenting our results and plans to the regulatory authorities.”

“We are happy to be CombiGene’s supplier. It’s a small company but they seem to be very determined in what they’re doing.” says Dr Steve Marshall who is Vice President, Business Development at GeneDetect. “This order was in fact larger than we are used to see from similar companies.”

GeneDetect is a world leading supplier of gene vectors and related products and services to public research institutions, as well as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and has delivered vectors to several high profile development projects within the gene therapy field.

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About GeneDetect®
GeneDetect is a privately owned bioscience company with offices located in North America (Sarasota, Florida) and the Asia-Pacific region (Auckland, New Zealand). GeneDetect develops, manufactures and markets more than 4,000 products for the life sciences market. The company is globally focused with customers in over 40 countries and uses cutting edge e-commerce functionality to allow scientists worldwide to order its products online. Real-time pricing in multiple currencies, multi-currency billing, real-time credit card processing and a specialized ability to ship perishable goods to any location on the planet within 96 hours ensures a global customer base.

About CombiGene AB
By combining modern neuroscience with recent advances in gene delivery, CombiGene has developed a method shown to suppress epileptic seizures in preclinical studies. The current focus is on continuing to develop this method into an effective and safe therapy for epilepsy patients, but the method may also have development potential as a means of treating other neurological disorders. Founded on the basis of scientific discoveries made at Lund University and the University of Copenhagen, CombiGene has offices at Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden. The company is public and listed on the Swedish marketplace AktieTorget.

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