CombiGene signs agreement with British Neurochase for optimized administration of CG01, a gene therapy developed for treatment of focal epilepsy

CombiGene has signed an agreement with the UK based AI Enabled Neurosurgical CRO, Neurochase Ltd., for optimized administration of gene therapy CG01 developed by CombiGene for the treatment of drug-resistant focal epilepsy. CG01 is intended to be infused directly into the human brain tissue and it is this process that Neurochase will now optimize for maximum safety and efficacy.

Neurochase specializes in administering drugs to the central nervous system using a technology called “Convection Enhanced Delivery” (CED). Under the agreement with CombiGene, Neurochase will conduct pre-clinical studies to optimize the infusion strategy for CG01 so that the potentially groundbreaking epilepsy treatment can be safely administered to humans.

“The agreement with Neurochase is another important milestone in our epilepsy project,” says Annika Ericsson, Senior Project Manager at CombiGene. “The safe administration of CG01 to patients is a key element in the development of an effective treatment for focal epilepsy and a prerequisite for our ability to carry out the clinical study program.”

Professor Steven Gill, Founder of Neurochase said “We are very pleased to be supporting CombiGene’s epilepsy pre-clinical programme. Neurochase are confident that the safe and targeted delivery of CG01 will allow progression to the clinical study programme. We very much look forward to working together on what we hope will ultimately lead to an effective treatment for focal epilepsy.”

About CG01
CG01 is a gene therapy developed to treat drug-resistant focal epilepsy. Every year, approximately 47,000 drugresistant patients with this type of epilepsy are estimated to be added in the United States, EU5, Japan and China. CombiGene believes that it is realistic that 10-20 percent of these patients could be treated with the company’s gene therapy. The global market for drug candidate CG01 is estimated at USD 750 –1 500 million annually.

About Neurochase
Neurochase, founded by Professor Steven Gill, aims to bring transformative targeted therapies to patients with neurological diseases using state of the art technology. The company’s team specializes in creating bespoke therapeutic strategies for the direct delivery of therapies using Convection Enhanced Delivery (CED). Neurochase provides accurate, targeted and safe direct drug delivery to the CNS and develop globally scalable treatment strategies and solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.
Neurochase Ltd. is a Registered Company Number 12428919