CombiGene presents at Aktiedagen Göteborg on Monday 16 May

On Monday May 16, 2022, CEO Jan Nilsson will present at Aktiedagen in Göteborg. In his presentation, Jan will talk about the company’s two projects, the epilepsy project CG01, which is being developed together with Spark Therapeutics, and the lipodystrophy project CGT2. Jan will also talk about CombiGene’s business development and ambitions to find additional gene therapy projects with high potential for value creation within CombiGene.
CombiGene invites journalists, analysts, and shareholders to take part in the live broadcast at The event is open to everyone and does not require any membership in Aktiespararna. No registration is required to follow the event digitally. Use the opportunity to ask your questions to Jan Nilsson, by sending an SMS to 079-347 98 45 or email Your questions will be conveyed by Aktiespararna’s moderator during the Q&A session that follows the presentation. You can also submit your questions now or during the presentation.
When: Monday May 16, 2022, at 2.30 pm
Live broadcast: