Candidate vector selected

CombiGene has now selected the vector that will be subject to further characterization and development into a human therapeutic product. The selection of this candidate vector, which is designated CG01, was based partly on the results from two previous studies and partly on the results from two current studies.

CombiGene announced already Feb 15ththe successful completion of two studies on how the transgenes NPY and Y2 were expressed in vivo by the members in a series of vectors manufactured on behalf of the company. The company also announced that the next step would be to conduct two studies on the antiepileptic effects of these vectors, followed by the selection of a candidate vector in June. Results from these two new studies are now available and have made it possible to make this important decision. The selection of a candidate vector means that the continued preclinical pharmacology and toxicology studies will focus on that vector i.e. not including the whole series of vectors as has been the case since CombiGene started its commercial, targeted product development last summer.

Associate professor David Woldbye, who founded CombiGene together with professor Merab Kokaia and the Board member and major shareholder Lars Thunberg, comments: “One year ago we were on a very solid scientific ground but we hadn’t yet designed or tested a vector feasible for becoming a commercial product. Now we’re there”. CEO Bengt Westrin adds: “This has moved fast, and the company is very pleased with the contract research performed by David’s and Merab’s groups. This is an important milestone for CombiGene”.

The candidate vector CG01 contains the two transgenes NPY and Y2, and is further characterized by its so-called serotype and by the sequential order of the NPY and Y2 transgenes, as well as by a number of other functional elements. However, the exact sequence and identity of the vector will currently not be disclosed.

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By combining modern neuroscience with recent advances in gene delivery, CombiGene has developed a method shown to suppress epileptic seizures in preclinical studies. The current focus is on continuing to develop this method into an effective and safe therapy for epilepsy patients, but the method may also have development potential as a means of treating other neurological disorders. Founded on the basis of scientific discoveries made at Lund University and the University of Copenhagen, CombiGene has offices at Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden. The company is public and listed on the Swedish marketplace AktieTorget.

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