The pain project COZY01 has achieved several important milestones

CombiGene is running the COZY pain program together with the Danish company Zyneyro with the goal of developing an effective treatment for severe chronic pain, a common and often difficult-to-treat condition. The program consists of two projects – a peptide treatment and a gene therapy treatment, both of which are based on a new biological mechanism of action which is expected to lack the side effects that today’s treatments often give rise to. 

The program consists of two projects: a peptide treatment (COZY01) and a gene therapy (COZY02), which expresses the active part of the peptide from COZY01, with potential lifelong effect. 

The peptide treatment has shown positive effects in various preclinical models. The continued development is focused on conducting the necessary preclinical studies to evaluate safety and toxicology as quickly and efficiently as possible, as well as producing clinical trial material in order to obtain approval from regulatory authorities to conduct the first human clinical trials with COZY01.

In recent months, CombiGene has achieved several important milestones in the peptide project:

• Selection of the U.S. company AmbioPharm as Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) partner.

• Decision to focus the first study in humans on patients with pain associated with Herpes Zoster (shingles) – a very painful complication. 

• Selection of Charles River Laboratories as Preclinical Toxicology Partner.

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