Productive meeting with Spark Therapeutics

The CG01 team, from left to right: Peter Ekolind, David Dobry, Apara Oza, Pernilla Fagergren, Jean Pedagna, Esbjörn Melin, Liz Ramsburg, Juha Savola, Karin Agerman, Lawrence Moon, Barbara Terzic, Jan Nilsson.

CombiGene and Spark Therapeutics recently held a biannual joint steering committee meeting in Stockholm, Sweden, to make a detailed plan for the epilepsy project CG01 for the upcoming six months. The meeting was highly productive, and again proved that Spark is an ideal partner for the epilepsy project CG01. 

The delegation of Spark was seven people strong, including Liz Ramsburg, Head of CNS Research at Spark and Co-chair of the CG01 project. CombiGene was represented by Jan Nilsson, CEO and Co-chair; Karin Agerman, Chief Scientific Officer; Pernilla Fagergren, Director Clinical Development; Esbjörn Melin, Scientist; and Louise Aspenberg, Chief Financial Officer.

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