This project has received funding from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 823282


Research and development in collaboration with academia
CombiGene conducts no research under its own management. The CG01 epilepsy project arose out of collaboration with Professor Merab Kokaia of Lund University and Associate Professor David Woldbye at Copenhagen University, and CombiGene’s ambition is that new gene therapy projects can be pursued through a similar form of collaboration. The advantages with this type of collaboration are apparent. CombiGene is not burdened by costs for resource-intensive research, while the academic researchers gain access to CombiGene’s considerable expertise in project management, the company’s broad international contact network and financial resources during preclinical and clinical development.

Methodology development and preclinical studies in collaboration with leading international players
To use the company’s resources as effectively as possible CombiGene seeks to develop manufacturing methods and conduct preclinical and other studies in collaboration with leading external partners in the respective areas. In this way CombiGene is able to choose the most suitable partner in each case.

Commercialization in collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies
CombiGene’s ambition is to take its candidate drugs through the phases of preclinical development and initial clinical studies under its own management, and subsequently continue clinical development and commercialization in collaboration with leading international pharmaceutical companies. CombiGene is therefore making extensive partnering efforts in order to build long-term relations.

Experience, project management and contact networks
CombiGene’s internal strengths are long-term, solid experience from the international pharmaceutical industry, a good ability to manage projects and a broad international contact network. Thanks to these strengths, CombiGene is able to engage in groundbreaking gene-therapeutic development while maintaining a small but efficient organization.

Focus on epilepsy
CombiGene’s primary focus during 2019/2020 will be to complete all of the necessary steps for taking the CG01 epilepsy project the clinical-trial phase. Concurrently with this work the company is also seeking to identify other interesting gene therapy projects.

Epilepsy is a global problem. The disease affects an estimated 0.6 to 0.8 percent of the world’s population. In 2016 there were 5.7 million diagnosed epilepsy patients in the USA, the EU 5 and Japan. About one-third of these patients do not respond to conventional medical treatment. It is these epilepsy patients CombiGene intends to help with its candidate drug, CG01.

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