A big thank you to CombiGene’s shareholders! You’ve made CombiGene’s amazing journey possible!

Oct 27, 2021

It is no secret that drug development takes a long time, requires considerable financial resources, and contains a great deal of uncertainty. Since the IPO of CombiGene in 2015, the company has carried out a number of new share issues, most of which have been rights issues. The fact that the new share issues have been relatively frequent is quite natural. The company as well as its shareholders have an interest in seeing that the projects are developing positively and at the pace one can expect before moving forward and investing additional resources. CombiGene’s epilepsy project CG01 has from this perspective performed fantastically well. Defined milestones have been achieved according to plan, which step by step has made the project increasingly attractive. The final proof of this is the agreement with Spark Therapeutics.

CombiGene’s management and board would therefore like to extend a big and warm thank you to the company’s shareholders. You’re the ones who made the development of CG01 possible. The agreement with Spark Therapeutics is a fantastic milestone in CombiGene’s history – after briefly celebrating this amazing success, we now roll up our sleeves and return to work. CombiGene’s journey has only just begun and we will do everything to ensure that it continues to be successful.

What does the agreement with Spark Therapeutics mean from a patient perspective?

The agreement with Spark is very positive for the continued development of CombiGene’s epilepsy project CG01. CombiGene now has a strong and competent partner who has the resources, knowhow, organization, and experience to take CG01 all the way through clinical development and on to the global market.

For patients with focal, drug-resistant epilepsy, this is of course good news. At the same time, one must be aware that a lot of work remains to be done. CG01 has undergone a number of preclinical studies with different purposes and the important preclinical studies in toxicology and biodistribution have just begun. Thereafter, the clinical program, i.e. human studies, will be initiated with the aim to ensure that CG01 is both safe to use and that the treatment has the intended effect. There is no guarantee that CG01 will get through the entire and very comprehensive clinical program, but the agreement with Spark is a big and very significant step forward.

About CombiGene

CombiGene’s vision is to provide patients affected by severe life-altering diseases with the prospect of a better life through novel gene therapies. CombiGene’s business concept is to develop effective gene therapies for severe life-altering diseases where adequate treatment is currently lacking. Development assets are sourced from an external research network and developed to achieve clinical proof of concept. Drug candidates for common diseases will be co-developed and commercialized through strategic partnerships, while the company may manage this process on its own for drugs targeting niched patient populations.

The Company has an exclusive collaboration and licensing agreement for the CG01 project with Spark Therapeutics.

The company is public and listed on the Swedish marketplace Nasdaq First North Growth Market and the company’s Certified Advisor is FNCA Sweden AB, +46 (0)852 80 03 99 info@fnca.se.



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CombiGene’s lead project CG01 has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 823282