Company and share information

Company Information

Company name: CombiGene AB (publ)
Business Concept: CombiGene’s vision is to provide patients affected by severe diseases with the prospect of a better life through gene therapy and other forms of advanced treatments.  
Our business has three focus areas: sourcing of new and promising assets, development of these assets to proof of concept under our management and expertise, and outlicensing of the assets to a strategic partner for continued development and commercialization. Revenue is achieved through milestone payments and royalties. 

CEO: Peter Ekolind
Chairman of the Board of Directors: Jonas Ekblom

No. of employees: 10

Corporate registration number: 556403-3818
Registered address: Agavägen 52A, SE-181 55 Lidingö
Visiting address: Agavägen 52A, SE-181 55 Lidingö

Phone: + 46 8 35 73 55

The share

The share capital of the Company shall amount to no less than SEK 990 000 and no more than SEK 3 960 000 divided into no less than 19 800 000 shares and no more than 79 200 000 shares. CombiGene has one class of share. Each share carries equal rights to CombiGene’s assets and profits and is entitled to one vote at the Annual General Meeting. The quota value is SEK 0,05. The CombiGene share register is maintained electronically by Euroclear.

The operations of CombiGene AB (Biotechnological research or development) fall under “protected activities” according to the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, MSB’s regulations. This means that an investment in CombiGene may require a notification under the law (2023:560) on the review of foreign direct investments to the Swedish Inspection for Strategic Products.

The share trades under the name Combigene, the ticker is COMBI, and the ISIN-Code is SE0016101935.

Please be advised that the English IR pages of the website is a translation of the Swedish version. It does not constitute an offer to purchase securities, and it is not directed at persons who reside in jurisdictions outside Sweden where a purchase of securities require measures other than those required under Swedish law.

Largest shareholders

Ten largest shareholders as of 2024-03-31Total holdingsHolding %
ORPHAZYME AS1 986 61010,03
NORDQVIST, IVAR1 889 3259,54
AVANZA PENSION1 178 2355,95
THOREN TILLVÄXT AB   494 8942,50
MOLSE, OLIVER   392 5951,98
FERSTAD, ARNE   291 0001,47
OLSSON, PER MAGNUS   256 4911,30