CombiGene´s lead project CG01 has received funding from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme

CombiGene´s Platform

CombiGene´s scientific platform can adress a number of neurological diseases.

CombiGene’s proprietary platform comprises the use of gene therapy vectors delivering a combination of neuropeptide y (NPY) and NPY receptors into brain cells for the treatment of neurological or psychiatric diseases.
Current focus is on the development of an epilepsy treatment. CombiGene´s scientific founders – Merab Kokai, professor in Neurophysiology and Director at the Epilepsy Center at Lunds University´s Medical Faculty, and David Woldbye, associate professor at the University of Copenhagen.have shown in a series of preclinical studies that NPY and one of its receptors can inhibit epileptic seizures.